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Go back in time, back to the roots of porn. In the day when ladies looked like ladies, with big curves, lots of hair – both on the head and down there. It’s all about he retro porn.

Especially for the older men, do you remember when you were a teenager and snuck behind the sex shop and waited for them to throw their nudie magazines in the dumpster and then snagged them for yourselves? This was the kind of porn that you grew up on. Think of Al Bundy’s porn, the raw, true porn. The way women really are. Click on that banner there and immerse yourself into the past, bring up old memories of your youth, as it bring up you (your cock, that is!)

The retro porn has a certain appeal, it’s like watching old westerns on AMC, it’s classic and has lots of appeal. The girls these days are so fake and shaved, it’s not really natural at all, not the way nature intended it to be. Retro -porn is almost like cave woman porn now with their tarzan amazonian looks.

Most of these famous porn stars from the golden days are old now, bruit their legacy lives on forever for you to enjoy. Live the old days again And time travel back into porn to see where it all began. For the younger guys, see the beginnings, it;s like a history lesson. For the older guys, it’s what you used to love. Give it a spin again!

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