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Free Minutes in Heaven

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Do you remember when you used to play the high school game 7 minutes in heaven? Back before you were of legal age, that was the greatest thing ever, to get to kiss a girl, those sweet lips of a wonderful girl.. And then you grew up and became an adult and your version of 7 minutes in heaven turned to have more nudity. An now all you want to see if porn, kissing in a closet doesn’t cut it anymore! Well, there’s nothing you can do about it except find yourself some free minutes of porn. Here’s a few for you, click on that banner and start enjoying a few minutes if heaven, all free. You can thank me later!


Fantastic Threesome

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Threesome anyone?
Threesomes are pretty rare nowadays cause you need horny and open minded people for that. But if you do have the luck to get involved in such a treat, it’s going to be incredible for everybody who’s in. Even your first threesome won’t let you down. Think about how hot it is to watch lesbian threesomes or teen threesomes and then fancy getting involved in such a fantastic sexual interaction . Breathtaking doesn’t cover it all .

The reason why threesomes are so different is because you give and take at the same time. It’s so fun to watch becuase there are body parts flying everywhere and the female parts outnumber the male parts so you have more boobies and less penis. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, join our threesome live web cam on and quench your threesome curiosity Click here to watch the latest show pics and here to get more info about us..

Threesome and the art of cumming together

Start at the Toes.

Monday, August 10th, 2009

A woman’s feet are more then just a way to get around adorned with pretty painted nails. They are to cherished and pampered. From a ladies perspective, when you pay attention to her feet, it means that you being sub servant to her, it sort of a sign of worship. Feet are dirty and if you can pay attention to the dirty feet, it means that you really want us, you’ll do anything to get us and if pampering our dirty feet is one of the things you will do, it makes us more willing to do what you want us to do later! If you catch my drift here, it means your chances for a blow job are increased. I suppose you can compare a penis to feet. You think our feet are dirty, we think your penis is dirty. If you suck on our toes, we’ll suck on your penis. It’s comparable.

A mistake that men make is assuming that us sucking on your penis is similar to you sucking on our clitoris. This is very untrue, although we like clitoral stimulation, the truth is that you men can;t please our clit as good as we can. the secret is that a vibrating egg will bring us to orgasm in seconds, we can even manipulate our own clitoris and press on it the way we need and bring ourselves to orgasm in seconds. When men suck on a clit, they are pleasing themselves. Sure we like it but it’s not that great.

That’s why a foot run or toe sucking will win us over easier and better then a clit sucking. So you now will wonder how to play with the feet. First if all tickling is a no-no. Our brothers tickle our feet, therefore it’s not a erotic thing. It will kill the mood. Think circles. The best way to please our feet is to move your thumb in circles all over. Soft but firm slow circles. I think that in s subliminal way, it makes us think of what you will do to your clitoris. We love circles on the clit and circles on the foot will get us in the mood for sex.

Secondly, pay attention to each little detail. Don’t just rub quickly all over, make it count. Pretend that you’re examining the foot, however don’t stare at it oddly because some women are a little self conscious about the feet. Rub each toe, kiss the arch, kiss the top, massage the ankles. Think slow and sensual and we’ll be in your bed in no time at all. I’m not suggesting to become a crazy foot fetish fanatic but you need to pay some attention to our feet.

You can also do some research on foot reflexology, it’s a science that studies the pressure points in the feet and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that some pressure points release blood flow in the pelvic areas which in turn activates our sex urge and makes us horny. I think there is a pressure point tn the bottom of the ball of the foot, in the middle right where the ball ends and the arch begins. Put pressure there and hold it. The learn up to kiss the lips while you keep pressure on that point, It’s like pressing a button for pleasure. That’s the best hot spot on a woman’s foot but there are more too so don;t just stop there, get your research in and we’ll hop in your lap in no time at all!