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Sex and Horror

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Watching horror movies to get your woman aroused is a 70’s thing. It’s not really commonplace anymore. Thinking of this reminds me when Kelso would take jackie to a horror movie and she would get scared and snuggle up to him and he would have a coy”I Scored” look on his face. You can do the same too.

Women are a little more squeamish then men when it comes to horror flicks, especially when there is something very scary like a strong suspense. When you don’t know what will leap at you from around the corner, this is when you can shine. The psychology behind why horror movies sexually arouse women is because they are genuinely scared. For this to take full effect however you ned to put it in the appropriate setting. Make sure it’s a big screen, late at night. Even better, watch a horror movie during a thunderstorm. If she is truly frightened, she will snuggle up to you, grab onto your arm and may even duck her head into your chest at the really scary parts.

She gets aroused by being so close to you. Instinctually, you probably secrete pheromones and she is very attracted to this, from you being the protector and her being the frail women. This dates way back to the caveman days. When you start to rub her shoulders, thinks does 2 things. First it comforts her, secondly it gives her mind something to focus on.

I think that the main reason that women get aroused during horror movies is because they try to distract themselves from what is happening and the only thing available around them to get their minds away from fear is you! This means that all their senses are focused on you so now is the perfect time to drop your subtle signals.

She will be so sensitive to your touch, take this opportunity to rub her arms, and you can subtly move to her tits. Rub the very edge and pretend like you don;t really know where your hand is. She will be getting wet in her panties at this time. You can rows her body cues when she is getting really aroused by the way she will press up against you even harder and she may even moan a little bit. Now is your change to move in again, start with a kiss a very tender kiss, stroke her skin and before you know it, you’ll subtly slip into a sexually passionate encounter and she will be all over you.

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Why Women Love your Ejaculate (or Not!)

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

naughty secretsWhy do women love cum? Do we actually care? Not likely. There is something so erotic about women who love drinking our oozing juices. They look at us with sticky faces and crave even more. It makes a pocket pussy seem so boring.

Why do they do that? Because just as it’s our erotic fantasy to have a lady succumb to our sexual power, it’s their fantasy to be submissive to a dominant man. Good thing or fantasies fall in line. When a woman begs you for your juices, she wants it, it’s a deep dark fantasy of hers.

Most of this naughty urges spawn from watching porn. You got it right guys, the ladies love porno too. They watch the porn and see how much fun the women are having and a part of them wants to be a hot desired slut too. Even women get bored with the regular sex lives of missionary and doggie style positions. Sometimes they just want to be nasty. It fulfills a secret erotic fantasy role.

It fits along the lines of girls kissing girls – we don’t particularly like it, or harbor deep rooted lesbian tendencies (which some would believe) but rather it’s for attention. same reason the women pretend to like ejaculate – it’s for attention. We are put on a pedestal. It’s also similar to the “wife & mistress” comparison. The guy does things with his mistress that we would never do with his wife! Sometimes, it’s fun to be the mistress for a night instead of the wife. taking about a shift in the bedroom! Variety is the spice of life – and spices up your bedroom too.

Many women won’t openly admit it, but it’s their little secret. Now that you know the women’s secret, rest assured she love to be kinky. So go ahead, intimate kinky sex acts, So the next time that a lady is craving your cum, you can be fulfilled knowing that she really want it, you are fulfilling her urges for nasty, dirty sex.

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