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Strap On Dildos for Women

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Sexy lady!It’s not easy to be simple about strap on’s , it’s a complex couples sex toy with a wide range of uses. They are increasingly popular too, creating a kinky atmosphere in the bedroom. First the most common and original use is when a man has a difficult time getting an erection. The straps that wrap around the legs and waist are the best option. Some are hollow, but buyer beware the hollow strap ons typically are firmer than their unisex dildo counterparts. This is not necessarily a bad feature because some couples who like it rough will surely enjoy this style of strap on. Older couples (which are the typical age range who buy this product because the man has erectile dysfunction) may find the dildo too hard. Int his case, the hollow strap on may not be the best option. If you need assistance in finding one for you, talk to the nice lady at TheAdultToyShop – please note that I’m not associated with this Adult Toy Shop, but I know the lady that owns it and she knows everything there is to know about strap ons. So it’s not a plug to the store, but a kind mention to a good friend!

Secondly, they are used when men wear then to penetrate their partner. If you view them online you can see the 4 way straps design that suits men. For those who do not understand why someone would use one, think of regular sex and how boring it can get. The dildo alone is a key to magic sex, is always stocked with a huge range of choices, I’m no salesperson but I really love their selection, a good one at that. To have the partner – the man in this case – crew a dildo probe insert into the wife’s vagina, it’s a new look , an erotic look that he will love. Similar to watching porn on the computer, this brings a secret erotic fantasy home, The woman will of course enjoy the feeling.

Today’s modern strap on dildos are made with pure comfort in mind. A suitable alternative to boring sex, trying a strap on dildo is going to make your sex life so much more interesting. Another use for strap ons is a bigger insertion. Several found online are very large in size compared to a regular penis and it’s a secret fetish fantasy for the woman to enjoy s thicker girth the normal sized penises. To make sex even better the store has the Vac-u-Lock system which is interchangeable with other parts to add more versatility. With several shares and sizes each couple can literally try something new every day for a week.

One may ask since this article was about dildos then why all the strap on talk? These usually go hand in hand and due to the popularity of suction cups, dildos are becoming used as attachment more often many couples purchase a harness set and then create a dildo kit with their own size requirements. It’s a specific way to get exactly what you want for your unique sexual pleasure needs. Anything with balls on the base is also a good idea as these will commonly fit right against the pelvic in a flat shape allowing the person to move around without the dildo slipping out of the ring. We say give it a trey, a strap on with removable attachment is much better then stationary one simply because of the versatile offer in the bedroom – who knows maybe one day he will want her to wear it and this case a very thin dildo is a must have for reasons we don’t need to explain!Getting hot in the bedroom!

Wife Swap

Friday, September 17th, 2010

I like their slogan about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence. If that wasn’t true, that wouldn’t be such a popular saying. Of course what you don’t have it always better. What if you could have what you don’t have? That’s called swinging. You can have it too, all you need is an agreeable wife and some frisky friends. maybe you could join a swingers dating site too. I’ll find one and stick the banner here to make it easy for you. Or you could watch wife swapping porn. Here you go:


Watch other husbands screw other wives. Hot porn at your fingertips. Maybe your wife is a stiff, if that’s the case duck away from her and get your jollies by watching other people have what you can’t have. I’m sure you’ll still enjoy watching other naked couples have sex. This site features first timers, they’re always fun to watch, they don’t really know what they’re doing and seems little hesitant but that’s all in good fun, there’s always a first time for everything!

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Over 40 Housewives

Friday, April 16th, 2010

housewives2 Here at Easy Arousal we like to keep it fresh, keep it new and bring new new flavor every week. This week I just got notified of a brand new site, a year in the making. After months of grueling casting calls, tons of planning lots of good web mastering, the wonderful, creative folks behind the scenes of a popular porn production company have released their newest site Over 40 Housewives and it’s going to be big!

If you want fresh new titles and fresh new content, check out the Housewives site. These are over 40’s housewives. They are different then regular housewives because their husbands are older too so they are CEO’s of companies and other hot shot jobs. What does that means for us viewers? These ladies like the finer things in life.

They are upscale, and most importantly, very experienced. They know their way around a man’s body, they know how to give awesome head. They can suck and fuck like you’ve never seen before. They don’t work either so this is where they focus all their energy. The housewives want to please and this brand spanking new site can show you the hottest new talent.

These ladies love the cock, love sex and love being stars on this new porn website. Check it out!

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The real meaning of Au Naturel

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

hairy babes

What happened to the days when women could be in their full glory and be hairy little monsters like nature intended? Since when did the babes start shaving making them looking too young? You’ll have to admit that there is a certain appeal to the shaved beaver but there is also something magical about he full haired beauties.

This sort of trails of the previous post about retro porn, I’m just feeling it so much lately as a refreshing twist to the often seen makes shaved women. The hairy honeys are commonly french and if you know anything about the french, they are very nasty and dirty and will usually do anything.

There is a stigma about french women, a certain mystique that runs deep in the underground of Paris. The french babes have no shame, they’ll pretty much do whatever, whenever and you know then when you watch ten perform and it takes you to another place where your sexual urges are a little darker then normal.

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Porno time travel

Friday, March 5th, 2010

retro porn

Go back in time, back to the roots of porn. In the day when ladies looked like ladies, with big curves, lots of hair – both on the head and down there. It’s all about he retro porn.

Especially for the older men, do you remember when you were a teenager and snuck behind the sex shop and waited for them to throw their nudie magazines in the dumpster and then snagged them for yourselves? This was the kind of porn that you grew up on. Think of Al Bundy’s porn, the raw, true porn. The way women really are. Click on that banner there and immerse yourself into the past, bring up old memories of your youth, as it bring up you (your cock, that is!)

The retro porn has a certain appeal, it’s like watching old westerns on AMC, it’s classic and has lots of appeal. The girls these days are so fake and shaved, it’s not really natural at all, not the way nature intended it to be. Retro -porn is almost like cave woman porn now with their tarzan amazonian looks.

Most of these famous porn stars from the golden days are old now, bruit their legacy lives on forever for you to enjoy. Live the old days again And time travel back into porn to see where it all began. For the younger guys, see the beginnings, it;s like a history lesson. For the older guys, it’s what you used to love. Give it a spin again!

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Your First Sexual Fantasy

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

lesbian fantasy sex

Here’s the first fantasy of most men. The original, the thought that first gave you an erection. The lesbian sex fantasy, It’s so hot watching babes suck each other’s clits. Licking boobies, pinching asses. If you’re feeling really kinky then anal toys are also a good hit. Why the appeal of lesbians?

Why at such an early age for guys to being thinking nasty thoughts? It seems to against the grain of nature. Maybe men like it because it’s wrong. Women should be with men. Maybe men like it because women know what women like so they can give other women the perfect pleasure. Men don’t really get it and never will because they don’t have a vagina and a clitoris, so men practice as you might but only a girl can give a girl pleasure like the way they really like it.

In real life however lesbians are far removed from the fantasy lesbians. I don’t need to ruin your fantasy by explaining this but you know the butches. Trust me, Portia is one in a million. Most lesbians are too butchy and you won’t want to see them have sex anyway. Truth be told, most lesbians you see on porn movies are straight, they usually get paid a little more to appear in a lesbian porn flick so this is why they are there. Knowing this, you can be extra aroused knowing that they are doing something that they don’t really want to, it’s for the money mainly.

With this in mind, it turns into fetish sex, making someone do something they don’t really want to do. So why are you aroused by lesbian sex? Is it that it’s woman on woman action or is it because they are doing something they don’t want to do?

In the gay world, men are so turned on by men who are forced into gay sex against their will maybe they lost a bet or they are broke and some rich gay guy has offered them a deal too good to pass. I think that lesbian sex is the same type of deal.

Anyway enough with the politics and psychology behind lesbians, just watch the videos there and jerk off. That’s all I’m asking for.

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Something Strange

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

** There used to be a cartoon snippet here, but it’s gone. Maybe the site wen’t down, I don’t know. I’ll leave the following text for you so that you can search for cartoon pron on your own.

I was intrigued by this partial cartoon partial real life thing, it’s like porn art. I don’t know if it will turn you on, but it certainly is odd, if you want something totally out of the ordinary try this strange cartoon like porn scene. It’s not full cartoon because that’s Hentai and a whole different topic totally, this is more like Saturday morning cartoon, but “adulted” and made into a sex scene.

It’s not really porn but it’s not really cartoon either, it’s just plain odd. I’m not necessarily encouraging you to click ont that and watch it, but I’m putting it up here becuase it’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen and even if it’s not going to make me shoot my load, I appreciate things that are odd and different. So with that in mind I present to you half cartoon, half real life sort-of porno.

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Little Women

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010


There’s not much explanation needed for the petite fetish. Small means young, small means delicate, easy to dominate. Often small means eager and new. If you’d love to tower over a petite lady then here is the perfect sex fetish for you. There are lots of smaller women these days, however if you check out the majority of girls these days, it seems that they are getting older younger.

Some high school girls are so big, they are like football players. I am left asking What er they putting in the milk? Is the petite a dying breed? It’s possible that there are less and less petite ladies to enjoy. Most petite ladies get lots of attention, attention means that they will feed off of it and get a little crazier.

Petite covers all age ranges. It’s not just younger ladies but if you;re into the experienced cougars, there are many smaller ones, from the days before they added growth hormones to milk (just kidding!) The petite os not just barely legals, you can find yourself a little tigress that can dominate you. If you’re into something kinky, let a small lady tie you up, especially if she’s very short. It’s an odd mix having a manly man ties up by a small woman. She will have so much space to explore, she can do all sorts of crazy things to you. In my opinion, small women tend to be a little more adventurous in bed.

Of course an obvious subconscious reason hat most men have appetite craving is that there orifices are small, so you;re sure that her pussy is tight and small, because simply it matches the rest of the bossy. You’ll have as fun time squeezing in there and even if she’s a loosely goosey, it does not matter because she is so small that her pussy will still be tight.

Petite women are more likely to experiment with sexual promiscuity because they get the attention. Men drool over these little ladies. Click on that banner above and see for yourself the crazy little women do all sorts of crazy little things that make you grow big!

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Naughty Nurse to the Rescue

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Are you feeling a little under the weather? take the sex therapy to get better! Not in the true sense of the word but a little naughty nurse action can work better then med’s. And it’s cheaper and much more fun. It’s a fantasy of every man, the nurse that needs to check you over. She needs to make your your erection if firm enough, she needs to check the amount of sperm ejaculated. She needs to make sure your sexual organs are working properly. It’s all in the day’s job for the nurse, and you get a clan bill of health and some ejaculating fun at the same time. It is even better when she’s hot and slutty, wearing too much makeup, looking like a porn star. Aren’t you a lucky man today!

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Leggy Ladies

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Every man has a leg fetish, even if they don’t know it. When a lady is wrapped around you with her legs around your neck, that’s half the magic right there. When you watch a lady spread eagle in front of you, it’s all about the legs. Her legs give the access, or prevent it, leaving you wanting more. The legs tell a tale of enthusiasm or submission, resistance, eagerness and lust. The position means allot and you know that you like it.

Think closely at your last sexual encounter and you’ll probably have a thought about the position of her legs. If not, the next time you have sex, think about this and you’ll see that it makes sex better, because it makes it more whole, instead of just the pussy and ass, the legs are an extension of her sexuality and add a new dimension to sex. It makes it more real, sex dolls don’t have moving legs (some do but that’s rare for a man to spend that much money on a moving sex doll). Moving legs make sex more real and when she holds you tighter as you’re inside, it shows her list for you.


With that said, I invite you to try a different type of sexual stimulation, leggy legs fetish. It’s a type of fetish that is a good way to explore something different. It’s unusual but not too out of the ordinary so when you’re watching these streaming videos, you don’t think that you’re a crazy nut, you’re just a man wanting to be stimulated in a different way.

Try the streaming leg movies and even thumbnails with them perfectly retouched photos for your fetish pleasure. There’s hardly any risk either because if you don’t like it, you don’t need to do it again, but if you like it then you’re set with something new so really, you don’t have much to loose. Try the leg fetish for a change of scenery!

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Get it Bigger

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Are you sick and tired of seeing teeny tiny little chat windows or webcam windows? In the modern day of 50 inch plasma TV’s, why settle for a tiny webcam screens? We’re not used to that so go big with larger webcam windows. You can get all that and m,ore at It’s the biggest and best webcam source. That’s why I’m telling you to go there, now click on the link below and enjoy.

There are so many other women waiting to please and tease you. This is an example of a babe waiting for you but trust me, there are a list of thousands of webcam babes so whatever your niche, you will most likely find it there.

Webcams are so great becuase you don’t have to do anything. If you want to be anonymous you can and then you can watch her perform and wonder who is watching on the other end. Sometimes the girl will think it’s Brad Pitt and act extra sexy becuase she will never know. She will assume you are a Casanova and tease like you are a sex god. You get the benefits of that with an insane sex show ans she gets paid and a hot fantasy of her very own. It’s a happy ending for everyone!

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Acting Like a Porn Star

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Late at night if you’re looking for a little action, click away and check out the banner below for some easy sexual pleasure for yourself. You can learn from what you see so the next time you’re lucky enough to get a lady in the bedroom, you can use some of the tips you see. But before you go ahead and slap her clit, there are a few things you should know. When a porn star us performing, they need to allow the camera to get in there and get their shot. When you are pleasing the ladies, there is no camera there to show (or at least I can assume that you’re not videoing the session!) so you need to remember not to lean away. You can hover right over her.

The ladies don’t like their clit being slapped, that’s not real. They like it pressed and circles on but you can;t slap it, this is just an act for the porn movies.

Another thing the ladies like is lube. For some reason, porn movies show it so dry. This is very uncomfortable for us, we love it lubed up so go ahead and use lubricant.

Following these few sex tips will differentiate yourself from the act of porn acting and she will like what you do. But don’t forget that you’re not acting, you’re doing this for real so enjoy the moment!

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Sex Grease.

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

This article is about what to use to prevent your dick from starting on fire while you masturbate. It’s very important that you masturbate well otherwise you won’t have all the good feeling that you’re supposed to have. There are ways to make a self applied hand job feel better. The following are some tips to make sex with yourself better:

1.) Never use hand lotion.
Hand lotion is made to moisturize the skin, which means that it’s formulated with compounds that absorb and give the skin a nice radiant glow. You should never masturbate with anything that absorbs because after 3 strokes, you’ll find it dries up and your penis will become more sensitive. You have probably experienced this in your younger years however as it seems that the first attempt at masturbation is made using hand lotion. By hey – you’re young, you’re horny and you don’t know any better. Now that you’re an adult, you know now why using hand lotion to jerk off sucks.


2.) Water based is good.
Any popular brand of lubricant is usually water based. Like Astroglide or ID glide, these are water based lubricants. They don’t absorb as quickly although after a while it will dry up no you. To re-activate it, put some water in the palm of your hand and then some lube and mix together, it will stretch out the slickness and give you more bang for your buck too. Water based is the only lube you should use with sex toys, so if you have a pocket pussy or sleeve, always use water based lube only. water based is easy to wash ans sometimes they smell nice which is better then the smell of sweat and cum. A sweet scent can also get you thinking about a sweet pretty lady, it’s a good way to get a fantasy going on.

3.) Silicone is better
Silicone lubricants are the best of the best when it comes to male masturbation. A couple if hints though, it will never absorb and you’ll be able to stroke a thousand miles a minute to this kind of lube with no friction at all. It’s completely perfect for masturbating, Never use it with sex toys through because if your sex toy has silicone in the material and you mix silicone lube the 2 materials will bind slowly and you will wreck your toy. Silicone lube needs to be washed away so make sure that you don’t use it comparing otherwise you’ll be walking around with a big oil stain on the crotch of your pants. It need soap and water. You can even masturbate underwater with silicone lube, that’s how crazy of fluid it is.

There are oil based lubes also but silicone is better, The best sex grease is silicone, it will make you forget about sex and make you enjoy sex with yourself.

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Free Minutes in Heaven

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Do you remember when you used to play the high school game 7 minutes in heaven? Back before you were of legal age, that was the greatest thing ever, to get to kiss a girl, those sweet lips of a wonderful girl.. And then you grew up and became an adult and your version of 7 minutes in heaven turned to have more nudity. An now all you want to see if porn, kissing in a closet doesn’t cut it anymore! Well, there’s nothing you can do about it except find yourself some free minutes of porn. Here’s a few for you, click on that banner and start enjoying a few minutes if heaven, all free. You can thank me later!