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What Crotchless Panties can do for You

If you want to get her to wear something sexy for you, try with the simple and work your way up – literally.
If you buy her some crotchless panties, this is what might happen:


She will wear them because you bought them and unlike some racy little teddy, she won’t feel so strange because she wears them every day, it’s underwear so there is no feelings of strangeness.

Next, if they’re crotchless and you bought them for her, she’ll know that you are going to want to take a few licks in between the folds of material into her folds so there won;’t be any surprises there. One thing that’s very good about crotchless is that if she has some pubic hair stubble then she won’t have to worry about being insecure in font of you because it’s covered. It seems like crotchless panties are a win-win situation for both of you!

You can take it a step further and get vibrating panties. It’s the same as crotchless but there is a little pouch sewn in the hold a Vibrating bullet. You can have sex with her through the crotchless opening while the vibrating bullet hits her hot spot, all hands free so she can have her arms available for changing positions or doing whatever you want her to do. The vibrating bullet can come our so the regular pair of panties an be worn anytime. It can be your naughty little secret.

Try this because getting some lingerie ensemble that she’s not used to wearing. After she realizes how fun crotchless panties are, she will be more on to the idea of having sex while wearing the, and she might even move to wearing more risque lingerie for you.