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Sex Grease.

This article is about what to use to prevent your dick from starting on fire while you masturbate. It’s very important that you masturbate well otherwise you won’t have all the good feeling that you’re supposed to have. There are ways to make a self applied hand job feel better. The following are some tips to make sex with yourself better:

1.) Never use hand lotion.
Hand lotion is made to moisturize the skin, which means that it’s formulated with compounds that absorb and give the skin a nice radiant glow. You should never masturbate with anything that absorbs because after 3 strokes, you’ll find it dries up and your penis will become more sensitive. You have probably experienced this in your younger years however as it seems that the first attempt at masturbation is made using hand lotion. By hey – you’re young, you’re horny and you don’t know any better. Now that you’re an adult, you know now why using hand lotion to jerk off sucks.


2.) Water based is good.
Any popular brand of lubricant is usually water based. Like Astroglide or ID glide, these are water based lubricants. They don’t absorb as quickly although after a while it will dry up no you. To re-activate it, put some water in the palm of your hand and then some lube and mix together, it will stretch out the slickness and give you more bang for your buck too. Water based is the only lube you should use with sex toys, so if you have a pocket pussy or sleeve, always use water based lube only. water based is easy to wash ans sometimes they smell nice which is better then the smell of sweat and cum. A sweet scent can also get you thinking about a sweet pretty lady, it’s a good way to get a fantasy going on.

3.) Silicone is better
Silicone lubricants are the best of the best when it comes to male masturbation. A couple if hints though, it will never absorb and you’ll be able to stroke a thousand miles a minute to this kind of lube with no friction at all. It’s completely perfect for masturbating, Never use it with sex toys through because if your sex toy has silicone in the material and you mix silicone lube the 2 materials will bind slowly and you will wreck your toy. Silicone lube needs to be washed away so make sure that you don’t use it comparing otherwise you’ll be walking around with a big oil stain on the crotch of your pants. It need soap and water. You can even masturbate underwater with silicone lube, that’s how crazy of fluid it is.

There are oil based lubes also but silicone is better, The best sex grease is silicone, it will make you forget about sex and make you enjoy sex with yourself.