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Something Strange

** There used to be a cartoon snippet here, but it’s gone. Maybe the site wen’t down, I don’t know. I’ll leave the following text for you so that you can search for cartoon pron on your own.

I was intrigued by this partial cartoon partial real life thing, it’s like porn art. I don’t know if it will turn you on, but it certainly is odd, if you want something totally out of the ordinary try this strange cartoon like porn scene. It’s not full cartoon because that’s Hentai and a whole different topic totally, this is more like Saturday morning cartoon, but “adulted” and made into a sex scene.

It’s not really porn but it’s not really cartoon either, it’s just plain odd. I’m not necessarily encouraging you to click ont that and watch it, but I’m putting it up here becuase it’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen and even if it’s not going to make me shoot my load, I appreciate things that are odd and different. So with that in mind I present to you half cartoon, half real life sort-of porno.