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Sex and Horror

Watching horror movies to get your woman aroused is a 70’s thing. It’s not really commonplace anymore. Thinking of this reminds me when Kelso would take jackie to a horror movie and she would get scared and snuggle up to him and he would have a coy”I Scored” look on his face. You can do the same too.

Women are a little more squeamish then men when it comes to horror flicks, especially when there is something very scary like a strong suspense. When you don’t know what will leap at you from around the corner, this is when you can shine. The psychology behind why horror movies sexually arouse women is because they are genuinely scared. For this to take full effect however you ned to put it in the appropriate setting. Make sure it’s a big screen, late at night. Even better, watch a horror movie during a thunderstorm. If she is truly frightened, she will snuggle up to you, grab onto your arm and may even duck her head into your chest at the really scary parts.

She gets aroused by being so close to you. Instinctually, you probably secrete pheromones and she is very attracted to this, from you being the protector and her being the frail women. This dates way back to the caveman days. When you start to rub her shoulders, thinks does 2 things. First it comforts her, secondly it gives her mind something to focus on.

I think that the main reason that women get aroused during horror movies is because they try to distract themselves from what is happening and the only thing available around them to get their minds away from fear is you! This means that all their senses are focused on you so now is the perfect time to drop your subtle signals.

She will be so sensitive to your touch, take this opportunity to rub her arms, and you can subtly move to her tits. Rub the very edge and pretend like you don;t really know where your hand is. She will be getting wet in her panties at this time. You can rows her body cues when she is getting really aroused by the way she will press up against you even harder and she may even moan a little bit. Now is your change to move in again, start with a kiss a very tender kiss, stroke her skin and before you know it, you’ll subtly slip into a sexually passionate encounter and she will be all over you.

Tips on Tenderness

Intimate couple during sexual intercourse on the bed

Here is an article on what to do when you have your real woman at your side. Despite all the porn you watch and things you see on the internet and on TV, women like tenderness. not all the time, but they do need tender moments. All the hair pulling and ass slapping is fun, but they need to know that you love them and care for them. Here is a few tips on tenderness:

1.) Rub her shoulders.
The erotic massage i hot and passionate, you usually dive for her clit or nipples – right? Take a moment and before you begin foreplay, rub her shoulders a little but slowly, tenderly. kiss her shoulders, run her arms, caress her. It’s very easy for you to do, it only takes about 30 seconds and it will make her feel tingly and inviting and of course, loved.

2.) Kiss her and hold her face.
When women watch chick flicks and see a love scene, it always starts with the guy holding her face. It’s a very intimate act, an emotional act. It shows that you are attentive to her needs and her as a person. Hold her cheeks and kiss her slowly, hold her head delicately in your hands, rub your fingers through her hair.

3.) Give her flowers.
You don’t need to giver her a huge batch of expensive roses. here’s a little secret for you: Women like any flowers. Give her a small bunch of daises and she will love it. It’s a simple inexpensive gesture that leaves a lasting impression. Give her flowers for no reason at all, just because you care.

How to Bag a Bed Buddy


Who loves causal sex? No strings attached, casual just plain fun sex? Let me tell you about the best way to get that, it’s called a bed buddy. Guys, there ARE girls out there who want a bed buddy. I am a woman’s writing this and let me tell you that i could not imagine life without a bed buddy and here is how to get her on your side.

I am a professional woman. I would never be suspected of having a bed buddy, so this brings me to the first point. Secrecy. very important that you never brag or tell anyone about her. She is you little secret. often she has a boyfriend, or they come and go and you remain always there in the shadows. Men can never know about the bed buddy because it will ruin her reputation. She will also never get a boyfriend if they find out about you so you have to keep quiet.

Once you’ve mastered secrecy, you have to be her friend. It doesn’t hurt if you’re good looking either! My bed buddy is hot, nit as hot as dome of my boyfriends are but he is GOOD. That brings me to the next point. technique is key. Read very sex tip, buy every maxim (with sex tip articles of course) and learn until you can’t learn anymore. Study woman’s anatomy like it;s your university SAT test Know her inside and out (quite literally!) If you can please her perfectly, you will be like her sex toy, hence bed buddy. My bed buddy can do things to me that no boyfriend ever did before. this is why I keep going back. he is damn good!

Next, you have to be able to keep that emotional distance. I say this because some men can;t do ut. If you;re the type of guy who gets plagued by jealousy, stay away or learn how to control your emotions. You can never ask about her boyfriends, never take her for dinner, don’t buy her anything (except sex toys to use together). You are not dating her and you never will be so make sure that you 2 live separate lives. get yourself a girlfriend and don’t go on and on about he because she won;t care, All you two have is sex.

This brings me to my next point. make your rendezvous about sex only. I said earlier that you have to be friends, but this is only first, When you meet and you hang out for the first few times, once you’ve agreed to be bed buddies, never hang out with her again without having sex. Me and my guy will hang out and watch TV to let the excitement build. up then we have sex then I leave. That’s it.

When you want to ask er to be your bed buddy, do it after sex. When you’ve thoughlly pleased her, ask her to be your bed buddy, there is no specific formula to doing this, she may even ask you. I can’t tell you exactly what to say, you have to be suave but not slimy or dating suave. If you’re smart enough, you’ll figure it out. If she faked her orgasm, she’ll definitely never agree so make sure that you have her a real string orgasm. Sex toys always help.

It’s not that hard but you have to have the right personality blend to be a comparable sex buddy, not everyman can the be sex buddy of every woman so keep trying maybe one day you’ll get lucky. You can’t force it, there needs to be prefect blend of personality types and secrecy so it’s a delicate blend but maybe one day, you’ll find your perfect bed buddy lady.

Acting Like a Porn Star

Late at night if you’re looking for a little action, click away and check out the banner below for some easy sexual pleasure for yourself. You can learn from what you see so the next time you’re lucky enough to get a lady in the bedroom, you can use some of the tips you see. But before you go ahead and slap her clit, there are a few things you should know. When a porn star us performing, they need to allow the camera to get in there and get their shot. When you are pleasing the ladies, there is no camera there to show (or at least I can assume that you’re not videoing the session!) so you need to remember not to lean away. You can hover right over her.

The ladies don’t like their clit being slapped, that’s not real. They like it pressed and circles on but you can;t slap it, this is just an act for the porn movies.

Another thing the ladies like is lube. For some reason, porn movies show it so dry. This is very uncomfortable for us, we love it lubed up so go ahead and use lubricant.

Following these few sex tips will differentiate yourself from the act of porn acting and she will like what you do. But don’t forget that you’re not acting, you’re doing this for real so enjoy the moment!

Sex Grease.

This article is about what to use to prevent your dick from starting on fire while you masturbate. It’s very important that you masturbate well otherwise you won’t have all the good feeling that you’re supposed to have. There are ways to make a self applied hand job feel better. The following are some tips to make sex with yourself better:

1.) Never use hand lotion.
Hand lotion is made to moisturize the skin, which means that it’s formulated with compounds that absorb and give the skin a nice radiant glow. You should never masturbate with anything that absorbs because after 3 strokes, you’ll find it dries up and your penis will become more sensitive. You have probably experienced this in your younger years however as it seems that the first attempt at masturbation is made using hand lotion. By hey – you’re young, you’re horny and you don’t know any better. Now that you’re an adult, you know now why using hand lotion to jerk off sucks.


2.) Water based is good.
Any popular brand of lubricant is usually water based. Like Astroglide or ID glide, these are water based lubricants. They don’t absorb as quickly although after a while it will dry up no you. To re-activate it, put some water in the palm of your hand and then some lube and mix together, it will stretch out the slickness and give you more bang for your buck too. Water based is the only lube you should use with sex toys, so if you have a pocket pussy or sleeve, always use water based lube only. water based is easy to wash ans sometimes they smell nice which is better then the smell of sweat and cum. A sweet scent can also get you thinking about a sweet pretty lady, it’s a good way to get a fantasy going on.

3.) Silicone is better
Silicone lubricants are the best of the best when it comes to male masturbation. A couple if hints though, it will never absorb and you’ll be able to stroke a thousand miles a minute to this kind of lube with no friction at all. It’s completely perfect for masturbating, Never use it with sex toys through because if your sex toy has silicone in the material and you mix silicone lube the 2 materials will bind slowly and you will wreck your toy. Silicone lube needs to be washed away so make sure that you don’t use it comparing otherwise you’ll be walking around with a big oil stain on the crotch of your pants. It need soap and water. You can even masturbate underwater with silicone lube, that’s how crazy of fluid it is.

There are oil based lubes also but silicone is better, The best sex grease is silicone, it will make you forget about sex and make you enjoy sex with yourself.