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Wife Swap

I like their slogan about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence. If that wasn’t true, that wouldn’t be such a popular saying. Of course what you don’t have it always better. What if you could have what you don’t have? That’s called swinging. You can have it too, all you need is an agreeable wife and some frisky friends. maybe you could join a swingers dating site too. I’ll find one and stick the banner here to make it easy for you. Or you could watch wife swapping porn. Here you go:


Watch other husbands screw other wives. Hot porn at your fingertips. Maybe your wife is a stiff, if that’s the case duck away from her and get your jollies by watching other people have what you can’t have. I’m sure you’ll still enjoy watching other naked couples have sex. This site features first timers, they’re always fun to watch, they don’t really know what they’re doing and seems little hesitant but that’s all in good fun, there’s always a first time for everything!

Naughty Nurse to the Rescue

Are you feeling a little under the weather? take the sex therapy to get better! Not in the true sense of the word but a little naughty nurse action can work better then med’s. And it’s cheaper and much more fun. It’s a fantasy of every man, the nurse that needs to check you over. She needs to make your your erection if firm enough, she needs to check the amount of sperm ejaculated. She needs to make sure your sexual organs are working properly. It’s all in the day’s job for the nurse, and you get a clan bill of health and some ejaculating fun at the same time. It is even better when she’s hot and slutty, wearing too much makeup, looking like a porn star. Aren’t you a lucky man today!

Acting Like a Porn Star

Late at night if you’re looking for a little action, click away and check out the banner below for some easy sexual pleasure for yourself. You can learn from what you see so the next time you’re lucky enough to get a lady in the bedroom, you can use some of the tips you see. But before you go ahead and slap her clit, there are a few things you should know. When a porn star us performing, they need to allow the camera to get in there and get their shot. When you are pleasing the ladies, there is no camera there to show (or at least I can assume that you’re not videoing the session!) so you need to remember not to lean away. You can hover right over her.

The ladies don’t like their clit being slapped, that’s not real. They like it pressed and circles on but you can;t slap it, this is just an act for the porn movies.

Another thing the ladies like is lube. For some reason, porn movies show it so dry. This is very uncomfortable for us, we love it lubed up so go ahead and use lubricant.

Following these few sex tips will differentiate yourself from the act of porn acting and she will like what you do. But don’t forget that you’re not acting, you’re doing this for real so enjoy the moment!