The real meaning of Au Naturel

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hairy babes

What happened to the days when women could be in their full glory and be hairy little monsters like nature intended? Since when did the babes start shaving making them looking too young? You’ll have to admit that there is a certain appeal to the shaved beaver but there is also something magical about he full haired beauties.

This sort of trails of the previous post about retro porn, I’m just feeling it so much lately as a refreshing twist to the often seen makes shaved women. The hairy honeys are commonly french and if you know anything about the french, they are very nasty and dirty and will usually do anything.

There is a stigma about french women, a certain mystique that runs deep in the underground of Paris. The french babes have no shame, they’ll pretty much do whatever, whenever and you know then when you watch ten perform and it takes you to another place where your sexual urges are a little darker then normal.

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