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Here is an article on what to do when you have your real woman at your side. Despite all the porn you watch and things you see on the internet and on TV, women like tenderness. not all the time, but they do need tender moments. All the hair pulling and ass slapping is fun, but they need to know that you love them and care for them. Here is a few tips on tenderness:

1.) Rub her shoulders.
The erotic massage i hot and passionate, you usually dive for her clit or nipples – right? Take a moment and before you begin foreplay, rub her shoulders a little but slowly, tenderly. kiss her shoulders, run her arms, caress her. It’s very easy for you to do, it only takes about 30 seconds and it will make her feel tingly and inviting and of course, loved.

2.) Kiss her and hold her face.
When women watch chick flicks and see a love scene, it always starts with the guy holding her face. It’s a very intimate act, an emotional act. It shows that you are attentive to her needs and her as a person. Hold her cheeks and kiss her slowly, hold her head delicately in your hands, rub your fingers through her hair.

3.) Give her flowers.
You don’t need to giver her a huge batch of expensive roses. here’s a little secret for you: Women like any flowers. Give her a small bunch of daises and she will love it. It’s a simple inexpensive gesture that leaves a lasting impression. Give her flowers for no reason at all, just because you care.

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